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right now and, again, over on 197 in bowie, only the right lane is able to squeeze by at this time and obviously, with traffic volume so light, that is the delay. that is the latest report we're getting and that is to the right. that is all to get through and this is on to southbound 270. when i left gaithersburg, it was coming down hard and the visibility was limited to the car length in front of me and that is big thunder and lightning. and by the time i hit the beltway, hardly a sprinkle. that 9-mile stretch was treacherous for a while. once i hit the beltway, some light sprinkles. keep that in mind if you're making your trip around town this morning and no problems to report on 66 from manassas to the beltway and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> fox 5 is monitoring metro this morning. when the rails opened this morning, expect possible delays on the green line. it was single tracking last night and we're waiting for an update from metro right now. the trap between fort taunton and prince georges plassa was shut down on friday. you can see the big kirk ink that
of springfield. look for a brief heavy downpour and good activity east of bowie out 50 as you head toward the park and also annapolis inbetween 97 and 50. so again, nothing severe, but brief, heavy downpours likely with these storms. 82 downtown. 79 in manassas. 82 in leesburg. 81 in hagerstown and 84 at andrews. for tonight, we'll keep the chance of a thunderstorm in. otherwise mostly cloudy and mild. lows 66 to 74 downtown. we'll come back. we'll talk about a frontal system to our south that will move back to the north as a warm front. we'll tell you what that will do to temperatures over the weekend. >> still to come, a local food bank looks to help low income families that had to toss everything out during last week's power outages. but first, president obama hits the campaign trail to convince voters his plan is the best one for america. details of his message and his opponents next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >>>
bowie. ever since a judge's ruling earlier this week that they made it easier for the maryland residents to get permanents to conceal the handguns. their business has been absolutely booming. >> my phones are off the hook with people interested it in taking classes. >> reporter: stern says even though that it has been good for the supporters of the second amendment that they are quite sure that it will not be good if the state of maryland is a whole, unless a meaningful training component is added. >> i don't think that it is appropriate to buy that gun and no one gives you the appropriate construction. >> reporter: this week's ruling will strike out a requirement here in maryland, that anybody carrying a handgun needs to be given good and substantial ruling. it was applauded by gun owners here in maryland. but some of them think that they could have potentially dangerous consequences. >> the range is hot. for example, they said that it makes no sense to require the extensive training and testing to get a driver's license, but virtually no training or testing to get a license to carry a
things slippery around town. road service buckled in bowie. this is the 50 east. they are making road repairs to ready for theg hour.g rush eastbound 50 at 197. closed is the george washington northbound. traffic is forced to go across memorial bridge and into town. a tree has fallen on the parkway. you can see the wet pavement on bridge.ican legion the light volume is helping us out for now. >> now families and business the worke starting off from lastsing damage storms. >> this is a building in fredericksburg. people say they are lucky to be alive. >> take a look at this dance studio. inside about two cheerleaders, teachers, and parents. the windows blew out and was ordered to the front of the building. andhe saw the funnel everybody to get into the room. >> we saw it. some of the parents were as they pulled the kids safety. nobody was home here. the roof of the strip mall was off.d equipment when flying through windows. >> we just started and we just lost it. >> i cannot even tell you what we're feeling. we still are in a state of shock. >> there is other damage in the county but n
park over toward bowie until 5:00 or 5:15. actually, north of the city, lighter shower activity across pennsylvania, a few strong storms across western maryland. we're not quite finished. if more showers and rain are in the forecast forecast. take a look at the advisories now. the entire region under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight and those warnings as you can see, a little bit of them in montgomery county, western county until 5:00 or 5:15. there's one storm that continues to move across the region. as far as temperatures are concerned, tim williams knows just how hot it got today. >> incredibly hot. the dew point has not added to the comfort. it's been very uncomfortable all day long. our temperature because of the storm that's moving across bwi marshal, the temperatures are dropping rapidly. 93 there. the temperatures have moved across the western portion of the state. there's about a 90-degree different et al. the heat index -- differential. the heat index has been higher all day long. we've been dealing with that all day long. let's talk about the record we tied to
are taking a toll on the state. eastbound route 50 in bowie buckled under the sun's relentless attack. temporary repairs are on the way. >> the blacktop is a temporary fix. this is concrete. we need to come in at a later date and send out news releases and do a more permanent repair using concrete itself. >> reporter: at reagan, the wheels of a u.s. airways jet got stuck in the soft tarmac after the surface was weakened by the heat. roads are buckled in other states as well. train tracks are warped and the pounding sun has damaged crops. many are grateful for the break. >> we can walk up to the snowball stand and it's pleasant out. >> reporter: state officials are trying to determine the extent of the damage on route 50. reporting live. don, back to you. >> that section of 50 that buckled is between 197 and 301. >>> baltimore department of public works is asking to conserve water. the water main runs under the train tracks and carries water to howard and anne arundel counties. using a robot, they spotted serious rust damage inside the pipe. further testing will begin in a few hours. >
for aa bowie. this was his first rehab game since wrist surgery june 1. fenway park, day two of the day/night doubleheader. yankees-red sox. texeria, the deepest part of the ballpark. bottom of the second, the yankee showing off their defense. look at the catch by andruw jones. that is a great catch. upt in the sixth. sox add 4 more in the seventh. boston wins, 9-5, splitting the double header. the brewers taking on the astros. greinke on the mound. in the first, the runner is called safe. greinke spike the ball in disgust, he is ejected from the game. the orioles did not get to see much. the astros beat the brewers, 6- 3. the nationals are on fire, today facing the rockies. ian desmond, all store shortstop, 16th homer of the season. gonzalez pitching for the nationals, striking out carlos gonzalez. the nationals get more the sixth. zimmerman, rbi single. the nationals have the best record in the national league. after winning wimbledon, serena williams is hoping that history does not repeat itself. after capturing the title two years ago, she cut her feet on glass at a restaurant, caus
starterss.. even 3 when chris pillman returns from double-a bowie. arrieta has the worst e-r-a of he group at 6-13... he's only lasted 3-and-2 thirds in each of his last 2 losses with 10 and hasn't had a quality tart since june 2nd...tommy hunter had a trip to the bullpen before he was sent to tte minors...hunter an inning and 2 thiids in is last outting with the o'ss.. wimbledon...roger federrr takes down novak djokovic 6--, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 in the semifiials to advance to his 8th wimbledon final setting a mondern-era the other semi...andy murray becomes the first british man to reach wimbledon's final since 19-38...he defeated jo- wilfreed songa in search of his first grand lam title... o's and angels tonight...first pitch at 10-05...miguel gonzalee on thh hill for the birds...coming up at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... --toss to emily-- emily-- 3 33 3 33 a reporter in missouri getssquite aasurprise when someone decided to share her spotlight. "....celebrating their new pitle as beer city uua in a vvry appropriate fashioo later poday. i'm nicole didonato live in east
the rotation with wednesday's effort against seattle, but he's been sent down to bowie, where he'll get in a start during the all star breakk and thee rejoin the o's a week frommsunday...his performance in seattle was kind of liie found money..unexpected..buu buck showalter remains cautiously optimistic.. tillman is still just &p24...and another of the 3 orioles' kid pitchers is the number one prospect in all of baseball...basebaal aaerica magaaine listee thw top 50 ppospects in thh game and dylan bundy's name was number one on that list...after domiiating at delmarva, bundy was romoted to frederick, nd era witt the keys...among oriole farmhands, the 19 ear old bundy is joiied on the mahhado, who is listed 9th,, o's aad angels firss pitch tonighttat 10-oh-5...and jason hammel does not win the final vote...rangers starter yu darvvsh gets the 34th spot coming up at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unllmited... 3--toss toovytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 a man with nn legs... s given the green light to run in the lonnon olympics. olympics.oscar pistorius is a double amputee... who will represent sout
yesterday morning in the backyard of his mother's home in bowie. he suffers from high blood pressure and memory loss. call police if you see him. >> maryland governor martin o'malley and prince george's county executive rushern baker are expected to meet today to discuss efforts to expand gambling. they are meeting with local officials to talk about a possible special legislative session on the issue. lawmakers have struggled to agree on a plan to allow table games at a new casino in prince george's county. they have until august 20 to pass a bill in order to put the issue on the ballot in november. a plan to build what would be montgomery county's largest gas station, opponents are holding a meeting today to discuss a measure but that would prohibit mega fueling stations to be built near schools and other centers. opponents worry about the impact on the tennis club, swim club, and school for special needs students. >> we got an exclusive interview with president obama. he had a lot to say about his republican rival's career and the private equity firm. he spoke about several topics
. 85 degrees in bowie. the winds will turn more southerly and that will draw in heat and moisture. 88 and 72 the highest level at rated national airport. 70's, mostly in the mid 80's in the metro area. up to 83 in hagerstown. 81 degrees in martinsburg. it looks good. as far as what is happening in other parts of the country, he all over the place but nothing dramatic. syracuse a little toasty at 91 degrees. the elevation in nashville, 69. also cloudy and rainy. over all he will start building. you cannot tell from this map but it is building and will bill. once the warm front opens the door and we start to see high- pressure build a little bit of rain. we need the rain and we are in a deficit across the area and we will see a chance of stray showers begin tomorrow night. over the weekend as the heat and humidity comes our way chances for afternoon thunderstorms. if you are under one of the storms, no to forecast that an advance. the process is under way. could see the high clouds moving in. a cloudy day tomorrow as the front stairs to get a little bit closer to us. as far as the numbe
. 71 in bowie. by noon, 86 degrees, partly cloudy. a few sporadic thunderstorms expected even around and after lunch time today, lasting on and off through the afternoon. 45% chance of using that. high temperature of 94. strays storms still possible early in the nighttime. rather warm night. a few ssevere storms still possible on wednesday. less humid by wednesday. >> moving overnight construction. the beltway looks like it's a pretty good shape right now. no accidents reported around the beltway. leaving the beltway out of clinton towards waldorf southbound 5 accidents before you get to the decision point for 301. northbound out of waldorf, everything is getting by. travel times working us on the beltway to and from the american legion bridge./ a good run on 66, 95 395 and 270. metro will not anticipating any problems. authorities have issued a silver alert for a missing oxon hill man. the 73-year-old leander cooper dropped his wife off at washington hospital center, but never return. he suffers from dementia. he was seen driving a 2006 chevy trailblazer with maryland tags. if you s
. >> reporter: hartford county fair. if you want to get on tv, bobble bowie him. >> bobble bowie? >> reporter: yes. we have some issues to talk b first the road construction on ordinance road eastbound between ben meadow drive and highway 173. then we will slide up toward the north. you know we have a game again in town tonight 7 and 5 so expect traffic around the stadium starting at 5:00 this evening. just be aware of that. and we have issues down along harbor and fort mchenry tunnel approaches. we will talk about that coming in the next traffic hit. outside for a live shot and this is 95 at 195. clear sailing thus far but you know that is subjected to change. we will look at traffic coming up in a little bit. lynette charles with a check on the weather. >> it's okay. let's talk about what's going on because we have lots of clouds across the area. more showers back off towards the west and also to the north and we can see some of that move in as early as this morning. and then more as we go into the afternoon possibly thunderstorms to talk about. but with all that moisture traffic at the gro
: it's 4,000. >> bob: 4,000? what a lucky guy. >> greg: and david bowie. >> bob: he did? >> greg: yeah. he did. david bowie. who hasn't? >> eric: that is a legend, is it not? >> greg: what guz a legend mean? allegedly he did. i love pinball wizard and i like rolling stones but then beatles, davy jones, beautiful part of the band. >> kimberly: rolling stones went out with angelina jolie, carly simon and -- >> bob: he did? good taste. >> greg: a rock star. women sleep with rock stars. >> bob: i saw a movie called "ted" about the animated teddy bear. that's what i think they are. they figured out -- they are too old, too stoned stoned and toody bill tated out there. how do they do it? >> dana: i am a country music fan. i like the stones. i like to read about people in the bonds. the other one said he had to, he was forced to earn his living playing bigs in pugs. he lived in a two bedroom semi-detached house. >> greg: what is interesting about the guys, as they age, i direct this to you, they look like upper east side elderly women with scars an little do dogs. stein tyler walking down the
was last seen yesterday morning in the backyard of his mother's home in bowie. he suffers from high blood pressure and memory loss. call police if you seen him. >> turning to the campaign trail, president obama says that he refuses to apologize for its latest attacks on mitt romney. the center around romney's time at bain capital. abc 7 went one-on-one with president obama. brianne carter is in the newsroom. >> that interview, the president talks about some of his personal failings, but he also had a tough words on his opponent. the president will be in ohio for his first town hall meeting today and a likely another round of attacks on his rival mitt romney. as we countdown to election day, the battle between the two candidates is heating up. this time over the bain capital controversy. president obama's campaign team alleges the presumptive gop nominee oversaw the company even after he claimed to have left during outsourcing and layoffs. the president had this to say. >> my understanding is that mr. romney attested to the sec multiple times than he was the chairman ceo, and president of
, ocean city, bowie, chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon or early evening and highs 80 to 85 degrees. for sunday 82 to 86 is the high with some scattered showers and storms a better chance for that on sunday. water temperature not too bad. upper 60s in the lower 70s. your next three days today is is a green alert but saturday and sunday yellow alert because of a better chance for showers and storms especially in the afternoon. check out the next seven days so we're going to be in the 90s by the weekend. the humidity also will be on the rise. so if your sunday and monday then boy do we get hot once against. tuesday upper 90s and not the best weather for baseball but we can deal with it. and by wednesday temperatures around 100 degrees. here's a look at your timesaver traffic with monika. good morning. >>> you know and i was at the castles' home opener last night and a beautiful so nice night for that. if you're planning to head outside right now, nice morning to commute. at least because there's no major incidents to report i'm happy to say. 66 the dulles toll road both
mid to low 80s. 81 bethesda. 83 in arlington. 83 in bowie. reston, fairfax, 82 in leesburg and 82 out toward manassas and haymarket. heating up a bit with storms. isolated thunderstorm tonight. warm again tomorrow, but not unseasonally so. some storms tomorrow. but a better chance of storms on wednesday. so for tonight, isolated thunderstorm possible. then partly cloudy, mild, f 6 to 74. winds southeast at 10. if you're inside the beltway, mid to low 70s, but comfortable. 57 in gaithersburg. 70 in college park. not too bad. by morning, a dry commute. partly cloudy, 70s and 80s. by afternoon, partly sunny, more cloud cover, warm, scattered thunderstorms. high temperatures in the upper 80s and winds light again. green, yellow, yellow. 88 tomorrow. an isolated storm. big storms possible on wednesday, 89. big storms possible on wednesday, mid 90s. we'll keep those yellow for now. next seven days, mid 90s on friday and saturday and also on sunday with temperatures a little bit above average. afternoon storms. monday, scattered storms. temperatures fall back into the low 90s. but any time w
, temperatures are in the 80s. 86 in arlington. 83 in bethesda. reston, you're in the lower 80s and in bowie, you're at 87 degrees. all right, so we are going to expect some changes coming this way. heat and humidity returning. pleasant for tonight. you have to enjoy that. thursday, triple digit heat. heat advisory from noon until 8:00. friday, it will be hot once again, with a better chance for storms. want to show you this risk for severe weather. the north of us into parts of pennsylvania and new york, they are looking at a moderate risk for organized storms, maybe some high winds. for us, we are under a slight risk, including the district and points north toward the mason dixon line. the main threat being damaging winds tomorrow. any storms that do pop up tomorrow do have the potential to become strong or severe. very small potential. our future cast showing us lots of sunshine today. it was a gorgeous day today. a lot of people really liking it. here's a look at your future cast where temperatures are really going to rise tomorrow and we have a chance for some popup storms tomorrow. better
regina bowie is still dealing with the tree that fell on her house back on june 29th. it brought down a power pole with it and the lines were live until wednesday she says. that's when a pepco crew came out to shut them off. crews restored power to the house, thought about tree and the pole, still there. >>> sunday's storms also brought more power outages, some in areas already hard hit from the weather the friday before. tonight dominion is down to 951 outages. pepco has 686 mostly in prince george's county, all but four of bge's 203 outages also in prince george's county. novak has 15 customers with no power. first energy reports fewer than 30 outages and appalachian power say all of their customers have been restored. >>> pepco bore the brunt of most of the criticism after that derecho storm last friday in june and now there's talk of opening up some competition for the you. >>> it. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren in rockville where the montgomery county president was extremely critical of pepco's performance. >> pepco's performance on every level was unacceptable. >> reporter:
temperatures have been kept up this morning. bowie at 68. chestertown more of the same denton at 68 dedegrees. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning how are the road. >> reporter: good morning. the roads are in great shape heading out on the jfx. 11 minutes from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street and traffic will remain up to speed traveling through fort mchenry and we have construction on 895 south of the harbor testimony but not causing any backups as of yesterday yet. 95 and white marsh route 43 look at a 15-minute ride in to the city from this point. no delays whatsoever. you will notice a few more cars out there than earlier than the last check and as we look at 695, here's what it looks like in parkville at harford road. everything up to speed. it will be a nice calm ride up to 83. megan and charley over to you. >>> a pit bull was left for dead in a trash can recovering. linda so is here to tell us more on how the dog ended up there and how he is doing. >> reporter: he is doing as well as can be expected. it's a 5-year-old pit bull
this on the electric grid collapse. in india, it left 600 million people in the dark. den nighs in bowie writes, maybe a new pepco ad will proclaim that his service is in the d.c. area is so much better than electrical service in india. okay, dennis, that is funny, though i doubt our friends are laughing. perhaps they would like to respond. maybe you would. the address is that is our report. i'll be back here at 11:00 along with anita brikman. log on any time you like to we'll see you a bit later. bye bye. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. >>> taylor swift getting cozy with a
washington was last seen at the bowie home last week. he was gone for three days and prince georges volunteer rescue canvassed the neighborhood each day and washington was found 100-yards from the house in a wooded area. >> laying like in a little ditch. he had three rough days of elements. it rained on sunday, rained that evening and it's been hot. >> washington was taken to the hospital in fair condition and his family is praying for a full recovery. >>> the university of virginia will offer free online classes. today's announcement comes a month after the firing and re- instatement of the school's president for differences in online education and uva is month 12 colleges. kosera said no mean was involved in the deal. >>> and the white house visitor center is closing this sunday for more than a year. the billing is about to undergo a major renovation. the new center will include interactive exhibits and a permanent museum gallery with a model of the white house. it will -- a temporary will open on the ellipse. >>> it's still summer and people are getting ready for back-to-school. can you be
. 83 in bethesda. 86 in great falls. everybody is in the 80s. 85 in college park. 85 in bowie. to the west, we're talking low to mid 80s in reston and fairfax. 84 in sterling. even 82 in leesburg. that's fantastic. so, heating up a bit with storms. an isolated storm tonight. warm again tomorrow. some storms tomorrow. a better chance of thunderstorms on wednesday. so for tonight, isolated storm possible. otherwise partly cloudy, mild. 66 and 74. winds southeasterly at 10. if you are outside the beltway, you're going to dip into the upper 60s. pretty comfortable. inside the beltway, not so much. 74 in arlington and 73 downtown. but 67 in gaithersburg and 68 in reston and 69 in fairfax. for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, warm, 70s and 80s. by afternoon, we'll stay partly sunny. a few clouds coming in with storms. just scattered storms. high temperatures upper 80s with light winds. next three days, green, yellow, yellow. 88 tomorrow. 89 on wednesday. some big storms possible. 94 on thursday. hot with also some big storms possible. next seven days, it stays hot. mid 90s on friday
's expected to make some starts for bowie this weekend.. markakis has been ouu since the first week of june, when he had the ammate bone removed from his right wrist... he'[s been taking batting practice wwih aberdeen, and thh initial reeorts arr positive..stayytuned. the upton boxing centee in baltimmre city is a place for kiis to get off the streets... anddfocus on's talent...but non like gervonta "tank" davis.the 17 year old ii ranked number one innhis weight division of 123.he's phe junioo olympic golden 205-and-15 record.after his next fight onnjuly 28th.... he'll makk one big step next floyd mayweather... the tank's turring pro. 3 wwmbledon...serena williams &padvanced to the final on saturday n straight sets over victoria azareeka...she broke a wimbledon record with 24 aces ii her victory... serena has won 4 wimbledon titles and is trying to become wimbleeon since martina win - navrattlova did so back in 19-90... that'll do it for this editioo of sports unlimited...i'm bruce cunningham... your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. f
work week. in the 60's and the bad. 71 is not the in alexandria. bowie, 69. in the 60's the route virginia. -- in the 60's throughout virginia. frostburg, 58 degrees. that's how you start your day in the end of july. today will be near 90 degrees. warm with a few thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. they will be few and far in between. metrorail will start off this .onday on a quiet note travel times working in our favor. we had a lot of overnight barrelstion but all the are out of the way. in good shape to and from the wilson bridge and out of dale on for 95. -- 495. >> james holmes expected to be in the shooting killed 12 people and wounded more than 60. we're live in colorado to explain why no cameras will be room.d in the court >> abc news will have people sitting in the court room and we'll bring the information to you. we'll hear the charges filed against him for the first time. the prosecutor is expected to file the charges. counts of first-degree murder. first-degree assault and possibly reckless endangerment charges. cameras are not allowed in the court
around downtown will be 100 degrees. so it's going to be cooking once again. 100 in college park, bowie 99, annapolis 99, arlington 101, reston and fairfax around 99 degrees. drink lots of water tomorrow and limit your time outdoors. your next three days code yellow alert for friday, saturday and sunday. check out saturday, 103, yeah. i think some records will fall on saturday. sunday 97, again chance for some big storms sunday afternoon and sunday evening. all right. once those storms come through on sunday cooler air will come in for monday and tuesday. check out the temperatures, mid- 80s for monday, tuesday, wednesday, even low 80s? yeah, we really need some relief from the heat. so it looks like we could see cooler air by early next week and also next week thursday looking like it could be pretty decent, temperatures in the mid- 80s, but that heatwave, look at saturday. that's going to be a day to plan to be inside if you can with the ac, cooling centers or go to the pool. >> i'm thinking when it gets to be 83, people will be breaking out sweaters. >>> let's get to our weird news b
's house in bowie. a group of police cadets found him in a wooded area. washington's family say they are grateful for their work. >>> the whole team was good. they were all good. they made the whole family happy. >> police remind you if you have a loved one who goes missing, you should contact them right away. the family waited 24 hours because they thought that was proper police procedure. >> glad to see him hope. top, this is the 110th anniversary of the creation of the air conditioner. >> you are correct. >> how would we live without it today? >> engineering students in cornell. they did it to control humidity because paper would change size as humidity truck chew fluxuated. we needed it today. 100 today. the sixth time we hit 100 degrees and the fiction time this year. no records today. let's start with a live look outside. it's actually nice. at least by that picture until i put up the numbers on top of it. 99 right now. humidity only 28%. the dew point is 61, which is not that bad. the humidity is under control. winds are calm and the pressure 29.81 inches of mercury.
of his daughter's home in bowie. he was wear ago green button shirt and black dress shoes. if you have seen mr. washington, please give police a call. >>> more problems tonight for george zimmerman. coming up at 7:00, disturbing new allegations against the man accused of killing 17-year-old trayvon martin. we'll see you at 7:00. >> still to come in this half hour, derek, more than half of the country is suffering from drought conditions. topper. >> we are looking at a couple thunderstorms on radar. we'll take you out with the almanac. hot today, hotter tomorrow. 96 and 76 go in the books. average is 89 and 72. we'll come back and talk about the prospect of anymore storms tonight and heat coming in tomorrow. >> first, one airline, two problems. we'll tell you why it was a dream come true for some passengers and a nightmare for the rest. that's next. >>> a big glitch appears to be giving lucky travelers a deal of the lifetime. united airlines posted round trip tickets to the u.s. to other cities in asia for just four frequent flier miles. and the blog says several people not only took
and 88 or 89 in bowie. so we'll go ahead and break it down for you. very pleasant early on. 64-72. by noon low to mid 80s. and by evening 82-86. a slight chance of a thunderstorm. as far as the 9 weather alert codes, we're going to keep it green, green, green. 89 thursday, 89 friday. a better chance of a storm on friday. we go back into the low 90s and that is a harbinger of more 90s to come. mid 90s on sunday. upper 90s on monday, tuesday and wednesday and isolated thunderstorms is going to be the only form of relief. but we don't have any triple digits and at least the two days we have 8s in front of them. >>> breaking news. an rg3 sighting. >> dada da. >> that music always comes with it, right. >> we have a sighting. i can't even say it. robert griffin iii talking contract issues in the most likely of places. he takes in los angeles and takes in another award then starts talking skins on the red carpet. i'm also going to talk about the wizards hoping a 19-year-old can be kid dynamite. i'll have that >>> and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> well, even
sprinkles go by about an hour ago. now those are moving through northern prince george's county near bowie. that's heading along 50 toward annapolis. right now annapolis and north of there up toward zef wren getting a few sprinkleses. also a few sprinkles passing out of montgomery county from lay tons ville toward howard county, another sprinkle in poolesville and northern montgomery. temperatures around the region in the low and mid 70s. we'll stay here, low to mid 70s for another two to three hours. by 9:00, here is your daep, we'll be into the 80s. we have a small chance of a shower. otherwise partly sunny and humid. partly sunny and humid middle part of the day. during the latter part of the afternoon will be from the low 90s dropping back down to the 80s with scattered thunderstorms likely popping up. only a small chance they would be severe with damaging winds. stay tuned. if you hear thunder, get inside and turn on nbc4. tomorrow, another day with possibly afternoon storms. then a nice break on wednesday. low humidity, beautiful day, bright sunshine. highs 80s. your doctor will be p
90s in great falls. mid-90s for bowie at 95. it's 4:26. monika samtani, happy tuesday. lots of construction going on. >>> that's right. lots of construction going o especially in virginia. good morning, everybody. you've got your usual spots in annandale and tysons corner on the beltway. 66 on the westbound side as well. watch out for that construction between nutley street and route 123. that's in the two left lanes till about 5:00 this morning. we'll go over to 395 where on the southbound side on that ramp to route 110, you can see the flashing lights right in the gore area. at one point this entire stretch was blocked off. you could not exit on to route 110. looks like they're in the cleanup phase for the overnight hours. you're just going to find the flashing lights in the gore area. no big deals on the southbound side of 395. let's go back over to the maps all the way north. no problems on 9 a between laurel and baltimore -- 95 between laurel and baltimore. we'll take a live look at 270 at falls road. nice and light down to the point where the lanes divide. i'll be back
-90s. 94 in washington. 94 in bowie. 95 in culpeper. >> all right. thank you. i was actually on the computer. >> see, that is what we just day story about. >> i couldn't disconnect from the computer to listen to what you were saying. >> time now to connect with lauren demarco to see what is happening on the roads. >> some people at home are disconnecting. the big story today, probably the rails. we'll have more on that with melanie alnwick. and also schedule changes take place with marc today. you want to check the internet. let's take a look at the roads. trafficland, if you are traveling northbound 95, we had the wreck at the prince william parkway tying up the right side of the road. watch for delays out of dale city. once you get past this, your lanes are open. no problems on 359 leaving the beltway up toward the 14th street bridge and into the district. 66 running pretty well here out of manassas to the private your screen. that is inbound traffic. lanes are open. no problems approaching the beltway. dulles toll road, the greenway, no issues for you heading inbound at t
in generally the mid-90s. 94 in washington. 94 bowie. and 95 culpepper. gets hotter from here. i'll have details on our mini heat wave coming up in a couple of minutes. and a look at the five-day with a bit of a cooldown further out. tony, back to you. >>> thank you very much. we've been following breaking news concerning metro. the dupont circle station had been shut down before 9:00 this morning, because of a disabled train. >> dupont circle has reopened. red line riders could expect to see delays as the backlog of passengers at the platform at dupont is thinned out. still delays there, however. >>> in the meantime, metro is still trying to figure out technical difficulties. over the weekend a computer glitch shut the system down twice. >> this morning metro officials are taking steps to make sure there are no additional problems. fox5's melanie alnwick is monitoring metro for us, and she is live at headquarters with the details now. melanie? >> reporter: good morning. the way metro explained it to me, is if you have a particular commuter program that causes your computer to crash. let
of hail too. it is pouring around bethesda, around d.c., areas just north of bowie. anne arundel county, prince george's county, under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15 as well. those are the areas shaded, again. a lot of lightning with this, possibility of hail, downpours, so there could be some ponding and flooding on area roadways for sure. elk ridge, that will be hitting you in the next 11 minutes. bowie, maryland, in the next 26 minutes and then on toward dundock in the next 52 minutes so it's sliding more toward the east. it's bringing down our temperatures in a big way from 99 to 81 degrees but with more on those storms, let's go to meteorologist chuck bell, who's been taking a look at some of the damage reports throughout the area. >> yeah, heavy rain in a lot of spots. we'v of the white house where we've got the heavy rain coming into downtown washington now. so we'll keep a close eye on that here over the next little while. so the rain in downtown as you saw on the radar with the heavier showers moving east of town as well. we've had a couple of reports of damage. frede
area here under those warnings. bethesda, d.c., bowie, and so much of anne arundel county. here's the cell packing a lot of lightning with it. not just cloud-to-cloud but even some cloud-to-ground lightning. these storms headed east affecting southgate, riviera beach and arnold in the next couple of minutes, approaching annapolis in the next 62 minutes. so finally some rain coming to annapolis. then there's another cell we're watching headed toward fairfax county. chuck bell is in stormcenter 4 taking a look at our damage reports. >> thanks, veronica. we have a report of three-quarter inch hail coming down just outside of rockville, maryland. merkd measured by a trained spotter. that storm is headed over into portions of prince george's county. so you need to expect not only the wind but the potential for hail and frequent lightning, so we have to watch these things very, very carefully. temperatures around the area have been soaring, up to near 100 degrees. that is going to be coming down as these showers continue to move on through. as you were seeing, this is the worst of the
from a friend he had known since grade school. >> is this you on tour with bowie. >> ? >> yes that was the spider tour. >> peter frampton. >> in 1987, david bowie asked him to tour with him as his lead guitarist. >> he was now reintroducing me as the guitar player. >> which is what you wanted? >> yeah. >> a pop star's career lasts 18 months, a musician's career lasts a lifetime, and that is what i have loved. >> how did you, how does it feel to hold that? >> it feels good. >> in 2006, the musician won his first grammy when fingerprints was awarded best pop instrumental album. >> you are proud of that. >> very, yes. >> >> go shopping with frampton at gary's classic guitars in cincinnati -- >> is this more like the george harrison one? >> and you will see how much the instrument means to him? >> he has bought several guitars here, in part to replace the gibson les paul he lost in mean 80, then two years ago, out of nowhere -- >> there is an e-mail with pictures of what looks like my guitar. >> it is a little, a little singed on the top. >> the guitar had been on a cargo plane th
, either. >>> drivers will also have issues in bowie this morning. the extreme heat caused part of route 50 near route 197 to buckle yesterday afternoon. three eastbound lanes will stay closed during the morning rush hour. only the right lane and the shoulder are open right now. crews are working to repair that damage as we speak, and hopefully will finish up by the evening rush hour. >>> this morning, firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire in prince george's county. crews say flames spread quickly throug the home on marjorie drive in largo, and at one point, the fire got too dangerous for firefighters to battle the blaze from inside and they had to evacuate the structure. no one was hurt in the end. the fire caused heavy damage to the front of the house and the garage. >>> this morning, d.c. police are investigating what led up to a triple stabbing. it happened in the 3600 block of 14th street in northwest near spring road. and one man was stabbed in the arm. police did not release details about the other two injuries but say all three victims should survive. one p
for bowie. columbia 88 degrees. fairfax 87. reston 87. haymarket 86. manassas, you're pushing close to 90 degrees. your next seven days, seasonable through tomorrow and the weekend warmer and hot by next monday and tuesday. here's monika with your time saver traffic. good morning, monika. >>> good morning. good morning, everybody. we're starting off with a couple of situations especially on the south side of town. the first one i want to tell but is the inner loop of the beltway after central avenue close to richie marlboro road. we're hearing a car and tractor- trailer involved. could be potentially a serious situation. keep that in mind for your travel plans if you're heading southbound on the beltway after central avenue. another accident on route 210 at livingston road insides the beltway. that's been ongoing as well. 210 potentially blocked in both directions there inside the beltway. let me take you to a live picture, this time on the inside of the beltway of 395. no problems to report here luckily as you head for the 14th street bridge. you're going to be okay. it's the two situati
under a flash flood warning until 1:30. don't cross a flooded street. look at the heavy rain from bowie, back down to -- essentially upper marlboro, into clinton, ride 50, out to annapolis, eventually toward the basement we'll put this into motion over the next hour. they essential move due east, a little south of due east. but shady side, calvert, st. mary's will get hammered. the good news, we don't see winds over 35 miles per hour. the bad news, rainfall rates one inch per hour. there will be some flooding. a fair amount of lightning with these storms but you can see now finally the storms just about over 95, and no rain or showers back to the west. we can catch our breath for just a little bit. temperature-wise it cooled us off. 95 today, 73 in bethesda, 76th down town. we'll come back, talk about what the codes are in terms of our 9 weather alert codes and the possibility of more storms. >> thank you, top. >>> we sent reporter gary nurenberg to montgomery county to track the storms. he joins us on the phone. gary is our man with the boots on the ground. gary, i guess the boots are
-old clark of bowie has been charged with theft and fraudulent use of the credit card. >>> elsewhere metro says it will be monday before normal service is restored to the green line. service between the fort totten and prince george's county plaza stations is suspended after a metro rail car derailed friday afternoon. metro says the extreme heat caused pieces of track to -- track rail i should say to misalign causing the derailment. free shuttle buses are operating between fort totten, west hyattsville and the prince george's plaza station. allow an extra 30 minutes of travel time metro says. just ahead when will we catch a break if the heat wave? -- from the heat wave? anny is back with an update. before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better
there on your screen. he was last seen at his daughter's home in bowie around 11:00 yesterday morning. he was six feet tall, about 170 pounds and has no lower teeth and is also missing a right pinky fingernail. >>> the hunt is on for a gunman accused of a double shooting in a spa in ellicott city. the woman had a protective order against a man who shot two women. >>> police have not made any arrests in connection to an atented robbery that turned into a deadly accident. investigators say an armed gunman approached people around a car in the 1200 block of oates street in mayor montreal heights early sunday morning. they told the people inside the car to get down. the car's driver got scared, hit the gas and dentally ran over one of the people on the ground. he died at the scene. the gunman took off running. >>> martin o'malley is meeting with lawmaker to discuss holding a special session on expanding gambling in maryland. the governor plans to meet with leaders from prim and montgomery counties and also baltimore city today. they will need to pass a bill by august 20th in order to get it
daughter's home in bowie. washington is six feet tall, weighs 170 pounds. he is missing a right pinky fingernail. last seen on foot wearing a green shirt green khaki pants and dress shoes. washington suffers from high blood pressure and memory loss. >>> police say two pit bulls pounced on a 40-year-old man when he got out of his truck. the man's son was in the truck he screamed for a neighbor for help. officers spotted the dogs at a nearby town house. one of the dogs was shot and killed. the other dog was captured and taken to the animal welfare league. the father is now in the hospital with bites on both of his arms. >>> the time right now is 5:06. i am watching your money. it would be nice if we could have another just like friday. the big rally then, checking the numbers, happy to do so this morning. the dow starts today at 12777. added 203 points on friday. nasdaq was better by 42 and the s & p 500 was up 22 points. >>> made in the usa takes on more importance when you are talking about the uniforms our olympians will be wearing. designer ralph lauren had the usa uniforms for the
are and that is some extra time on the roads and the lanes are open and to bowie. no problems to report there and the traffic is flowing freely here and to duke straight and semmary -- seminary road and some lanes are opened and to tyson andha is that check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story this morning, the cleanup efforts are underway in frederickburg, virginia. >> and melanie alnwick has the latest. melanie? >> reporter: look at the building behind me and as you look to the front of it, come around to the side. when you look at the side, that is when you get a sense of the damage. i will walk slow here. look at this and there is nothing left. this used to be a dance studio. the national weather service is going to send a team here on to monday. the strong thunderstorms that ripped through the area on sunday evening. can you see the damage is severe and we're on fleming street in fredericksburg and there is nothing that looks the same. a home is off of the foundation and this brick warehouse looks like it's cut open like the cardboard box and this is that dance studio w
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